This is just another way to enjoy your favorite smooth with just a small tweak in the presentation. Otherwise the preparation doesn’t defer much from the usual smoothies you make. I’d however recommend that you use frozen fruits for a better smoothie texture. Also, if the whole pineapple bowl idea doesn’t tickle your fancy, feel free to serve your smoothie in a jar or glass.

rogers bites 1
1 Cup Jesa Farm Dairy Milk
Handful of pineapple chunks
1 banana
Handful of grapes or strawberries
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)

TOPPINGS (optional)
sliced fruit
chia seeds
chocolate chips

rogers bites-2

1- Slice the pineapple into two equal parts and disembowel one half to get the required pineapple chunks.

2- Toss all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

3- Serve the smoothie chilled, in a jar or the disembowel pineapple.

Please note that the best smoothie consistency is similar to soft serve ice cream, so adding frozen ingredients along with some ice cubes, will help to thicken your smoothie as needed.

rogers bites-5

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