Get creative with the way you serve your kid’s favorite yogurt. The beauty with these pops is that you can use any yogurt flavor of your choice. You also don’t have to restrict yourself with the fruits you use. It can be grapes, mangoes, strawberries or whatever. For this recipe though, I used mangoes, black berries and passion fruits for each independent Popsicle.

What You’ll Needmay1-18

-1½ cups fresh blackberries, mangoes, passion fruits or the fruits of your choice
-½ cup Jesa flavored yogurt of your choice
-The cups in which you bought the yogurt
-Popsicle sticks. (You could buy tongue depressors from pharmacies)

How to do it

1. Empty the yogurt cups into a bowl.
2. Line the base and sides of the cup with the sliced fruits.
3. Pour half of the yogurt into the cup.
4. Add a layer of fruits and more on the sides.
5. Add the remaining yogurt, then sprinkle more fruits on top.
6. Insert a stick, freeze for at least 4 hours.
7. Before eating, remove from the cup by running under warm water to loosen if needed.
8. Enjoymay1-128

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