Please note that the ingredients will give you more chocolate ganache that you need for the recipe since you’re only going to drizzle spoonfuls of it. Just use what you can and save the rest for cake or use for another day. 

1/2 c. Jesa Farm Dairy Milk

1/4 c. Jesa Butter

1 1/2 c. chocolate chips

2 Tbs. Rainbow sprinkles 

500ml. Vanilla ice cream 

1. Mix the milk with the butter (to make cream) and warm it to melt the butter.

2. Mix the cream with the chocolate chips and microwave the mixture for the chocolate to melt. This will give you the chocolate ganache. 

You can give your ganache a kick with a shot of dark rum.

3. Drizzle the ganache on the sides (and bottom) of the glass, add the ice cream (you can alternate with a layer of ganache) until the glass is full.

4. Drizzle with top with more ganache and a sprinkle of the rainbow decorative sprinkles, serve. 

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