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If you like fish, and you love with a creamy sauce. Then you have reached the truth because this is it.

My daughter loves this Tropical Smoothie so much, if you have toddlers they’ll love it too. The avocado makes a rich base for a drinkable meal, packed with nutrients that are good for your child like vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy fats and dietary fiber. It also gives a “smooth to your smoothie” 😜 while a a creamy consistency. […]

My excitement with herb-garlic-butter still lingers, So I thought I should do a fried egg sandwich. I shared the recipe last week but never shared some of the things you could do with it, well at least not in pictures. Which is what I want to do in this post. If you missed the recipe […]

I don’t know if I’ve been looking in the wrong supermarkets but I’ve looked for herb garlic butter around Kampala and I’ve never chanced upon it. I first tasted herb butter a few years ago in Dubai, it was written on the description of a sea food plater where it was drizzled on grilled shrimp. […]

If you’ve tasted pineapple rice before at a party or restaurant, you’ll know how distinctively tasty and sweet it is. It also has a savory zing to it, probably acquired from the chili flakes mixed with the other flavors. As you will notice in the ingredients, it’s a really simple dish to prepare. If you […]

Give that “tonto” an extreme makeover with this badass party punch.

Do you love guacamole? You’re definitely going to love this recipe. As you may already know, guacamole is an avocado based dip that is sometimes eaten on bread as a spread, or even a salad. What you may not be familiar with though is its historic origin that dates as far back as the Aztec […]

Yep, you read that right, pasted chicken; and I promise it’s not some sort of cruel joke. In fact I wouldn’t judge you if you don’t think much of this dish because you have never tried it, I had exactly the same reaction when someone suggested I try it out, because my thinking was “okay, […]

This is an incredibly simple fruit salad with a yoghurt dressing that not only tastes good, but will look beautiful on your lunch table. I have personally been doing them a lot, mostly for my daughter. They make a really quick and quite filling snack too. Sometimes I make this salad with plain yoghurt, when […]