Month: February 2018

My daughter loves this Tropical Smoothie so much, if you have toddlers they’ll love it too. The avocado makes a rich base for a drinkable meal, packed with nutrients that are good for your child like vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy fats and dietary fiber. It also gives a “smooth to your smoothie” 😜 while a a creamy consistency. […]

My excitement with herb-garlic-butter still lingers, So I thought I should do a fried egg sandwich. I shared the recipe last week but never shared some of the things you could do with it, well at least not in pictures. Which is what I want to do in this post. If you missed the recipe […]

I don’t know if I’ve been looking in the wrong supermarkets but I’ve looked for herb garlic butter around Kampala and I’ve never chanced upon it. I first tasted herb butter a few years ago in Dubai, it was written on the description of a sea food plater where it was drizzled on grilled shrimp. […]

If you’ve tasted pineapple rice before at a party or restaurant, you’ll know how distinctively tasty and sweet it is. It also has a savory zing to it, probably acquired from the chili flakes mixed with the other flavors. As you will notice in the ingredients, it’s a really simple dish to prepare. If you […]