Month: December 2017

This is an incredibly simple fruit salad with a yoghurt dressing that not only tastes good, but will look beautiful on your lunch table. I have personally been doing them a lot, mostly for my daughter. They make a really quick and quite filling snack too. Sometimes I make this salad with plain yoghurt, when […]

This recipe was inspired by a tumeric coconut milk recipe. I didn’t have coconut milk readily available but I had cooking cream in the fridge that was drawing terribly close to its expiry date. I have cooked rice with milk before so I figured cream should make for a good substitute for coconut milk in […]

I found it hard naming this chicken, because it could pass for many things including Creamy lemon chicken, cream ginger chicken, creamy garlic chicken; anything creamy would pass really, cream being the main ingredient for the recipe. The recipe was inspired by many other creamy recipes I found online. which all had different ingredients. Some […]

I rarely go out of my way to buy gizzards. Besides cooking it along with chicken stew (in which case it never tastes as yummy as it potentially could), the only way most people enjoy chicken gizzard is roasted. I love roadside roasted chicken gizzard, but I decided to try a different preparation method and […]