Month: November 2017

There are not many things that excite me as much as the nsene season. I am aware there are many people who get squeamish at the sight of these delicacies, in their twisted logic, eating nsenene is like eating grasshoppers, can you imagine that? Such flawed logic, like who would look at nsenene like grasshoppers? […]

This is for the lazy ones. You want to eat nice chicken but you don’t’ want to go through the hustle of measuring ingredients, marinating and all that hustle? This recipe is for you, it has got to be the easiest chicken recipe I have shared here, because you only need three ingredients.  When it […]

It turns out that the acidity in soured dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, and buttermilk leads to chemical leavening. It reacts to the baking powder in the recipe hence leavening the batter.  The yoghurt also gives a slight acidic tinge to the cake that cuts the sweetness of the sugar.